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your cosmic guide to self discovery 



During our session, we use the evolutionary astrology model, which uses your South Node to examine past life karma (weaknesses/strengths, blockages, karmic debt, patterns, tendencies) and your North Node (what your soul is desiring to evolve into and accomplish in this lifetime) to get an over-view of what this life is all about for you! Everything we are experiencing (particularly challenges and big shifts) tends to be around the themes of these nodes - so exploring them is paramount to knowing your true Highest Self and greatest potential - Your Life Mission, in other words.  Pluto the Transformer and the Pluto Polarity Point are deeply assessed to explore the catalyst for change, crisis, and regeneration in support of this Mission. Then we look at how other planets in your chart are supporting and guiding this path, and the roles they play. We look at each planet in your chart and discuss them individually, going over their meaning, their house placement, and what that means, etc.  We will go over current major transits and how they are effecting your chart, and what themes may arise in coming months. My rate is currently $300/session and runs as long as they need to in order to cover everything (generally about an hour) . I find that a "free flow" discussion format without time constraint allows my clients to relax into the session and explore - investing in a reading is investing in time for self love and self discovery -  questions are welcomed! These readings are extensive, and my clients walk away with a great understanding of their chart-You could say it's an astrology lesson and a reading all in one .  ***To run the chart I'll need your birth date, birth place, and birth time, as indicated by birth certificate or guardian who can confirm the time’s accuracy (no guessing!).  We will meet for our session on Zoom, and recording the session is always encouraged! Sessions are confirmed following payment via PayPal or Venmo prior to the session. Click button below to be directed to my email for booking.

****24 hour cancellation policy ****  Clients are required to notify by email  24 hours before if they cannot make their session.


$375/ USD

Relationship Synastry/Composite astrology is an amazing tool for achieving insight into the inner workings of any union, by diving into how you and your partner influence, support, and challenge one another through the relationship. Compassion, patience, and understanding can be cultivated through deeper understanding.  Synastry explores  how and where your planets and aspects fall in his/her chart, and vise versa. This shows where you inspire, challenge, and encourage your partner, where you see eye to eye, where you may not, where you feel closest, where you expand them to grow.  Then we switch and look at how and where your partner does the same for you. We pay special attention to mercury in both charts (communication style) as well as Venus and Mars. The nodes for each partner are also assessed, to uncover what each soul has individually committed to working towards in this lifetime.

Then, we move on to  Composite. In Composite, we take both charts and combine them into one single entity. This single chart tells us the nature of the relationship at a soul level, the karmic "goal" of it,  the essence of the shared mission, and what challenges can come up as obstacles towards this goal. Both Synastry and Composite are used to get an over-all look at the relationship from a higher karmic perspective (composite) and how this is actually playing out in the 3D reality (synastry).  Combined, Synastry/ Composite is a strengthening lesson in awareness for any sacred relationship.

My rate for synastry/composite charts is $375, is done over Zoom, and generally takes about 2 hours, though readings are welcome to go as long as they need to in order to over everything. Both parties will need to provide birth date info: birth city, state, country, date, and time.  It is not necessary for both parties to be present during the reading.  

*** Although not required, it is strongly recommended that one or both parties know their personal natal chart FIRST (ideally through investment of a professional reading), before accessing Composite/Synastry.  This provides  powerful depth and value to the Composite/Synastry reading itself., and to understanding the inner-workings of the relationship.

****24 hour cancellation policy ****  Clients are required to notify by email  24 hours before if they cannot make their session. 



Wondering if it's a supportive time for a career launch, move, or travel? Already know your chart but still have questions?  Regular 'maitenence' readings are a great way to stay informed and  in-sync with celestial influences.  This is an hour curated around your personal questions and concerns, with an emphasis on major upcoming transits of outer planets over the next 6 months. This is *NOT* a predictive or 'psychic' reading - but an interpretation of astrological transits that outline potential opportunity, delays,  "green-light" periods, shifts, and/or transitions. This reading is tailored to inform, prepare, and empower.

**Pre-requisite** Prior Professional Natal Chart Reading, or in-depth understanding of Natal Chart Required 

***To run the chart I'll need your birth date, birth place, and birth time, as indicated by birth certificate or guardian who can confirm the time’s accuracy (no guessing!).  I use Zoom Meetings for client sessions (Zoom is preferred, so we can utilize the screen share function) or through WhatsApp or Skype phone call. Sessions are confirmed following payment via PayPal or Venmo prior to the session. :)

****24 hour cancellation policy ****  Clients are required to notify by email  24 hours before if they cannot make their session. 

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