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In this course I veer slightly away from my usual EA (Evolutionary Astrology) focus to explore sigil magic, hermetic philosophy, occult fundamentals, and esoteric principles from the ancient mystery schools. Many are unaware of just how powerful these ancient symbols are. We will be exploring each symbol individually, breaking down their structure to understand what the symbols mean and the stories they tell. As you'll find, hand drawing, meditating on, and inviting these sigils into your practice is a powerful avenue to access even deeper layers of the planets and their wisdom. This class is unlike anything I’ve ever taught prior and is absolutely an 'unlocking' or an 'activation'... Very aligned with the Uranian energies we find ourselves in, this class is likely to shift your perspective in surprising ways ;) This core understanding of the Art Science of Astrology will become the 'root chakra' of your relationship to the stars, magic, and your own soul. Foundational, deep, and clarifying.♥️ Following the symbols, we will approach the incoming New Moon in Pisces from our new perspective with the sigils. I share my tips and tools for breaking down the important parts of a chart to understand the energies. I will then guide students on how to expertly tailor New Moon intention setting and ritual to the alignments of the actual chart. This example can then become a helpful guideline for a new relationship to lunar cycles and intention setting for the future, for any upcoming new moon, full moon, or important astrological event. A powerful evening sparkling with mystery and magic. 🪄 COVERED IN THE COURSE - Exploring Sigils - Breakdown of Astrological Symbols and the magic they carry- Sun, Moon, Earth, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto - Planets and connection to the chakras - Seven Planetary Vibrations and the Seven Pairs of Opposites--- Polarities of manifestation within the planets based on consciousness direction - New Moon intention setting using our next New Moon in Pisces as the example. This will set you up to place focused and relevant intentions into this potent portal, and give you the guidelines to carry this practice forward. -How to find which tarot card goes with the astrological degrees! This adds an entirely new dimension to your astrological knowledge and magic! - Suggested alchemical reading material - some of my favorite magical books! -Live pre recorded Q&A with students at the end, we had some great questions! Class was recorded LIVE on the evening of March 3rd 2024. Course runs 2 hours

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