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If you've been wanting *more* of my astrology videos, education, and content, you'll love our growing online community!

My vision has been to create an online space offering consistent up to date astrological information that provides educational support for the emerging astrologer and community connection with other like-minded souls...



  • Members Only Free Access to Astrology Courses: This is reason enough to get a membership! Monthly members get *free* exclusive access to my top-selling library of astrology courses--More courses to be announced as they are created!

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Status Updates

  • Weekly Astrology Forecast Videos setting you up with what to expect for your Astrological week ahead. Videos will be uploaded at the start of your week, so you know exactly what the stars have in store!


If you've enjoyed my YouTube content over the years, you'll love this feature of the Monthly Membership! Monthly subscribers enjoy a video at the start of their week outlining a day by day breakdown of what to expect for the astrological energies ahead Monday-Sunday-- if there's something happening in the stars worth knowing about, I'll be talking about it!

We'll track opporitunity periods, challenge days, mercury retrogrades, major planetary changes, and much more!

Along with our Weekly forecast videos, subscribers also stay up to date through text status updates in the Astro Feed -- between videos and updates, you'll have a steady stream of astrology info to keep you informed!

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Nick's Tarot Corner


Nick Xavier is our resident tarot expert providing you with bi-monthly tarot wisdom associated with each New and Full Moon.

Harmonizing with the cards associated with the astrological degrees is a powerful way to understand deeper dimensions of current energetics and will add an entirely new level to your discovery of the stars.

Xavier is a tarot reader, teacher and writer.


Nick Xavier is a tarot reader, teacher and writer. He shares tarot resources and playlists for working with astrological energies at You can find his socials and book a tarot reading at

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One of the positives of the Pluto Aquarius times is the strength and connection of online community, utilizing technology to cast our net far and wide to connect with other astrology lovers, seekers, and creatives around the world! Community is my passion, and I want to help us all to stay connected by by hosting a space for us all to communicate and share.

Monthly Members gain access to the Community Message Board to geek out on astrology, tarot, and many other aspects of esoteric knowledge and life! Ask questions about your chart, talk transits, mind meld with others, share experiences, and make friends! I'll be dipping in and out of the message board as well! Let's create a supportive space for learning with community hub that feels like family!

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Coyote Star Astrology Online Community



Every month

An online space offering consistent, up to date astrological information and educational support for the emerging astrologer

Valid until canceled

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