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A comprehensive guide to understanding the North Node and South Node in the birth chart.


Who is this course for?

This course is perfect for anyone ready to take their knowledge of astrology past sun sign/house placement astrology and into the realms of past lives, clearing patterns, and stepping into one’s full embodiment and highest self expression. I cover *each* nodal axis to explore themes within each of the polarities, so this is a great course for the student on the path to becoming the teacher. The entire course is littered with “pro-tips” where I share key insights I’ve learned through years of doing hundreds of professional readings - I'm sharing some of my top secrets in this one! In this deep dive into the Nodes we will cover the following:

  • In depth description of the North Node/South Node

  • How to locate the Nodes in the chart

  • How knowledge of the North Node/South Node can be utilized as a therapeutic tool for daily self discovery and self empowerment

  • How to Decode the North Node and South Node in the birth chart (by Sign, House, and Ruler)

  • Pro-Tips for working with the Nodes

  • Ethical considerations for the emerging Astrologer 

  • Examples for applying the 3 steps to decode the Nodes - I pull up the chart and show you my process!

  • 5 Astrological tables made specifically for this course that will be yours to keep for your continued study of astrology

Prerequisite: Prior knowledge of signs and houses strongly advised

Course runs 1 hr and 25 mins

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"Not only does her love of the archetypes radiate from tiny personal comments as she enters each sign, but the depth at which she loves them truly elevates the learning experience. Alex offers a broad spectrum cosmic identity of each frequency the soul journeys through in order to invite compassion and understanding for the "why" we all crave in archetype fact lists. Her method and approach to painting their picture also allows the student to animate the coloring book with their own colors and understandings so that it becomes personal and evolutionary for the seeker as well. So much of my hunger to understand has been fed by her method of teaching and for that I am so very grateful. I have a much better more centered grasp on the evolution from sign to sign. I noticed psychological patterns of my own. I feel like I have a starting point for growing into my own path with astrology instead of just leaning heavily on brilliant minds like hers. I implore everyone interested in understanding the archetypes of our soul to reach out and purchase her class. In my opinion, it was under priced. Her worth is infinite, now I'm itching for a polarity course! or anything really!!"


- Chase Your Darling

Student testimonial from 12 archetypes online course


Ever wonder WHY Sagittarius loves to travel, or WHY Gemini is so talkative and curious? This course takes a deep dive to understand these characters on a psychological level, removing the masks to get down to what makes these archetypes tick. Journey through the 12 Archetypes explores the zodiac Aries to Pisces in a 2 hour course full to the brim with information as we explore the ancient story of the Hero's Journey- understanding this sequence is the cornerstone of understanding psychological astrology, and will enhance your relationship to this sacred art science in leaps and bounds. This is where a student transitions from memorizing random character traits associated with the  signs to KNOWING the signs on an intuitive level - get ready for the 12 archetypes to become your dearest friends and teachers!  Great for learners and seekers at any level. Class was live recorded in August of 2020 on Zoom. 12 archetypes portion runs 1.5 hours, with 30 min Q&A questions at the end about the Nodes, Saturn return, and more!


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